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Badmiton Competition

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Badmiton Competition

    In the early December, the VIP Big Customer Cup badmition competition was held by China Construction Bank.In the group phase every group had six teams, the team in the first place can advance.The competition provided a platform for the badmiton lovers, it is a great experience for the competitors. Chemphy team put their hearts into the competition, they were in high spirits and made every effort to win. Compared with the result, the process is more impressive. On Dec. 18th, after the exciting competition, Chemphy team beat the other teams in the group. Finally Chemphy made it to a 3-2 loss with Dalian customs, ranking the second and failed to advance.After the game, the competitors analysed the cause of failure, one was the lack of experience and the other was lack of training. They indicated that they would train hard next year and try their best to get good result.

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