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Chemphy passed the re-evaluation

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Chemphy passed the re-evaluation

  Chemphy passed the re-evaluation of quality,environmental,occupational health and safety management system smoothly,and  received Quality Management System Certificate,Environmental Management System Certificate,Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate issued by China Certification Center For Quality Mark on June 4.

  Compared with the previous audit,the standard of the management system replaced with the 2008 version.To this end,the leadership attached great importance to it,on the one hand,chemphy organized a strong internal audit group,and organized learning the knowledge of management system,combined with the situation of chemphy,chemphy modified and determined the system files.On the other hand, the internal audit group checked vacancy and stopped up holes . 

  March 24 to March 26,China Certification Center For Quality Mark conducted a rigorous review. Audit Group that:to Kong Xianwu,the leadership of chemphy, attached great importance to  establish and  maintain the quality, environmental,occupational health and safety management system.The department staff were all working in accordance with the system requirements for the management of daliy production,it met the requirements of quality, environmental,occupational health and safety management system.

 Through this review,it improves the level of management.In the future,chemphy will strictly enforce the 2008 version of management system,further promotes and strengthens the management of enterprise,promotes the development of the enterprise, finishs five-year development goals.


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