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The Physical Examination

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    The Physical Examination

    In order to maintain the health of our staff, we invited Dahua Group Limited to make the physical examination for all the staff in our company on Nov 10th,11th and 12th, from am 8:3011:00 each day.
    The physical examination included blood routine, urine routine, lipid profile, blood glucose testing and electrocardiogram test. After selecting the hospital and deciding the priliminary test items, the staff were arranged to have the tests in batches. We made every effort to prepare the early work,   and we are all about to help our staff to know their physical condition. Thus the desease can be detected early and cured early, the physical examination can reach the result.   
    The staff of each department take the examination according to the scheduled time. The three-day examination was fully affirmed by the hospital.
We classified the exmamination results and gave the staff appropriate suggestions for different desease, informed the staff to take the timely treatment and set up the personal health files. The legitimate rights are safeguard, we receive a favorable response from our staff.


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