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       On December 18, 2015, Chemphy's Safety and Environmental Protection Department took the lead. Chemphy's Safety Production Committee and Chemphy's Labor Union jointly organized the “Chemphy 2015 Safety, Environmental Protection, and Occupational Health Knowledge Competition”. The event was held in 2F of multi-function hall of Chemphy. The competition was highly valued and strongly supported by Chemphy's leaders. The leaders of Hai Qingdao Street were invited as guests. Through this safety knowledge competition, they can not only enrich the daily life of employees, but also enhance them. Employees master the safety knowledge, improve the safety awareness of employees, and create a good atmosphere for Chemphy's safe production.


Before the official start of the competition, the competitors and presenter were ready.


Leaders and colleagues had also been seated waiting for the game starting


The presenter was introducing the competitors on the site one by one.


The game was officially started!


 All participating teams were actively participating in the competition.


The competitors were listening carefully to the presenter's question.


What was going on now was the quick response question section, the presenter was setting the responder, and the responder shows that No.4 team had obtained the answer qualification.


The section was the actual drill section. The competitors should answer the questions and demonstrated the correct use of the fire extinguisher.


The competitors were demonstrating the correct use of positive pressure air breathing apparatus.


What was going on now was the interactive section of the audiences. The presenter was listening carefully to the audience to answer questions.


The leaders were also listening carefully if the audiences’ answers were correctly.


The corner of the knowledge competition site (the picture was the publicity board for “Regulations on the Control over Safety of Dangerous Chemicals” )


After two hours of intense competition, finally, Power Workshop won the first place in this knowledge competition.


2nd workshop won the second place in this knowledge competition.


Workshop F won the third place in this knowledge competition.


           By this time, the knowledge competition had all ended, and Chemphy congratulated the winners again!